Private Clinical Pilates Tuition

Pilates is a popular method of training the body to create a normal functioning posture, where muscles are balanced, strong and flexible, joints are healthy and movement is seamless.  It is used by most professional sports clubs to support their training, and prevent injury.

Vanessa offers clinical pilates sessions (not generic ones) by teaching carefully selected exercises specific to your requirements. Clinical pilates is often used alongside physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic care as it is a subtle form of exercise available to all ages that improves neck, shoulder, back, hip and knee mobility.  It focuses on the retraining and recruitment of the deep stabilising muscles (core stability) as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility.

CWP is creative and knowledgeable

Vanessa believes that an element of creativity is essential to inspire clients to stop any poor exercise habits and adopt new, better ways of exercising to create good movement mechanics.  Although pilates was created by Joseph Pilates for ballet dancers who are very flexible, Vanessa believes that the average person finds touching their toes on a good day a blessing and invariably does not make it!  The key is to start with the core stabilising exercises on the floor at a level that suits you and then  add more functional every day movements like bends, twists and squats.

Vanessa takes her knowledge from many disciplines, including sports massage, gigong, tai chi, gyrotonics, yoga and body control pilates.  Her greatest teacher has been listening to her own body.  A prolapsed disc in her lower back in 2012 created a faulty alignment, muscle imbalances as the body takes the path of least resistance, and highlighted a leg length discrepancy.  After much searching she discovered the key to her rehabilitation was exercise - swimming, and daily back strengthening exercises once the neural pain disappeared, deep relaxation and a positive attitude.  Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

Vanessa does not believe in accepting pain as an option or relying on pain killers to play sport and is passionate about making a difference.

£50/45* One on one session of 60mins

£40/35* One on one session of 45mins

£25/20* One on one session of 25mins

*Over 65/under 16

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“I have been seeing Vanessa for over five years now, for a wide range of treatments and experiences. From sports massage pre and post ironman events and sport specific injury treatment, to post surgery rehab and personalised treatment during chemotherapy. More recently, I have experienced the benefits of sound therapy and one to one Pilates. Vanessa is an important part of Team Me!”

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