"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein

Pilates Classes in Henley & Woodley

Vanessa teaches at Woodford Leisure Centre, Woodley (Monday mornings) and at the Friends Meeting House, Henley-on-Thames (Wednesday/Thursday evenings).

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Private Pilates Tuition

A personal exercise programme tailored to your needs in the comfort of your home, taught by an ex sports masseuse with excellent anatomy knowledge.

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Pilates in the Workplace

Stretch, strengthen and de-stress in small, mixed and challenging groups for improved concentration, better posture, fitness and happiness.

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Welcome to Complete Worx Pilates

Complete Worx Pilates was established in 2014 (after seven years as a sports masseuse) when Vanessa realised the key to physical wellbeing depended on her clients’ activities on a day to day basis.  Their posture, fitness, mental wellbeing, inner core strength, body awareness at work/picking up the children/carrying heavy bags/gardening and the warm up/cool down pre and post exercise was the answer to pain prevention.

Vanessa does not just teach pilates, she gives you the tools to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • increases strength and awareness of core stability
  • better posture
  • flatter stomach
  • improves coordination/flexibility and range of movement
  • releases stress and tension
  • prevents injury
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