Matwork Pilates Classes

Dunsden, Woodcote & Woodley

Classes suitable for all abilities

The exercises are progressive which allow you to work at your own pace with focus on technique and individual progress.  There are two main types: 

Beginner/Taster: Ideal for the complete novice to anyone returning to pilates after a long break in need of a refresher class and for those with muscular pain.

Intermediate/Advanced: For those who are familiar with pilates, confident of their ability to activate their inner core unit and prepared to work hard!

Pilates Classes Timetable





Mon 9.15am

Beginners / improvers

Woodford Leisure Centre, Woodley

0118 921 6969

Mon 10.30am


Woodford Leisure Centre, Woodley

0118 921 6969

Mon 12.00pm

Taster (30mins)

Woodford Leisure Centre, Woodley

0118 921 6969

Tuesday 7.30pm


Woodcote Village Hall, Woodcote

07906 186912

Fri 4.30pm

Beginners, bad backs,
or over 65s

Dunsden Village Hall, Dunsden

07906 186912



Pilates in Woodley:  prices vary, please contact the Leisure Centre.

Pilates in Dunsden & Woodcote:  Course of 6 classes £57 (£10 drop in for taster session).

Before I started pilates I didn’t have much movement in my shoulders due to having a frozen shoulder a few years ago which left me with a lot of stiffness and now I can lift both arms well above my head.

Female - Horticulturist

You can call me on
07906 186912
Email me